A Bittersweet Ending

Well, the last day of school has come and gone. It is such a bittersweet day. Sweet- that summer and a much needed rest, has arrived. Bitter- to say goodbye to so many students, parents, staff and friends. Leaving this school yesterday was extremely difficult. There are no exact words to express the feeling, but bittersweet seems to be close. I will take with me some of the best memories from this year. I will leave with a new view on my teaching practises and ideas. Oh, what a year!!

A few things I did this week that I will definitely do again....

I have used Monday to Monday Folders in my room. You can see what these are HERE and pick them up for Free HERE. This week I packed the folder with a summer reading log & a reading challenge, a summer reading note to parents and a list of websites for kids. We had our end of the year field trip on Wednesday and some parents were telling me that some of their kids have already started using their reading log and filling our their reading challenge. So awesome to hear!

The last day was busy.....
I held a red carpet event in my room, awarding each student with a special award.
Here is a peak at some of them. You can pick these up HERE.
Love them!!!!

I used the red paper from my bulletin boards and made a red carpet from it.
I lined the students chairs along the red carpet. They were so pumped! The kids high-fived each other as they walked done the carpet to accept their awards. Adorable!

Each student also went home with a goodie bag. Inside was a DVD of the year, their Amazing Race Review Cards on a ring and their paper bag memory books with a little individual note from me.

 A wonderful day.....a sad farewell..... and empty classroom marks the end of a great year!