Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching this week for
Five for Friday!

1.) This week I launched The Amazing Review in my room! Oh my goodness. This has been a hit! Christine and I designed this pack a few months back, looking for something fun, yet still "organized" and "school/learning focused" for June. This pack is great to use with grades 1-3.
My kiddos are already in groups, so those were their teams. I also have a point system in place so I used that. Each group came up with a team name and designed team headbands to wear each day throughout the race!

They don't know when a race card is coming.... but one is usually waiting on their desk when they return in from one of the recesses. They get soooooo excited. On each card there are two tasks. Each task is 5 points if all instructions are followed and it is answered completely. Each group has a bin in the middle of their group where they place their cards in when they are done. If they complete the card, they must sign the AMAZING REVIEW chart.

The kids attach all cards on a ring when they have been marked and will be taking them home as a summer review at the end of June.

They have been working away.....and don't even realize they are doing work!

2.) This week we continued "writing for a purpose". We learned about writing postcards.

Then the kids wrote postcards to the Earth and then created a design. I used our postcard template from our Earth Day Five Pack.
3.) We have begun our Father's Day gifts! The kids have created a draft and good copy design for Dad's t-shirt.
A stop at Michael's this weekend for some Fabric Markers to complete them this week!
4.) It's report card time here in Ontario! That means lots of stops at  Second Cup for a delicious London Fog! :) Yum!

5.) In addition to report cards, I have begun packing up my room...... :( Love me some Rubbermaid bins!
I definitely could a be sales person for these suckers! Ha!

That's my five for this week! Thanks for taking a peak!
Have a terrific weekend!