Only 4 Days Left..... :(

Well folks.... We have four more days left here in Southwestern Ontario! Can you even believe how fast the year went. I know I say that every year, but WOW!
This week we kept in routine! We will be in routine for the next two days and then a field trip and fun day.
Here's how a little of this week went down.
We worked on editing summer sentences. I purchased this unit that last summer and am just using pieces of it now.

The kids cut out mixed up sentences and rewrote them below with a partner. Very effective and definitely showed me how much they have learned this year (i.e. adding uppercase letters, past and present tense and punctuation).

 We also wrote letters to next years grade one and two students. We are delivering them this week. Simple, yet a wonderful writing/memory activity.

 Tried to change up math this week and head outside for some CHALK MATH. Skip counting, basic times tables and a visual arts challenge (earning 2 groups a delicious ice cream sandwich) hehe.

This weekend Christine and I met to take down the remainder of my classroom :( and to get our end of the year awards ready..... They are darn cute!

On tap this week...... We're going to try a Math Relay outdoors or indoors (depending on the weather).

We will also be creating persuasive lists and commercials.... convincing next years teacher that they would make great students in their class and to choose them!

I think this will be cute to see.

Have a great MONDAY! :)
It'll fly by... make the days memorable ones.