A Quick Monday Mashup!

 Throughout the school year I tutor a few students. We decided to keep up the tutoring throughout the summer....the focus being Language and Math. I wanted to share a quick math game that I played with them this morning, that can easily be adapted for the classroom setting.
This game is called "Math Dominoes". It's an old game I purchased at a garage sale a few years ago, and decided to take out to practise math facts.

It's a basic game, but is super cute!
The kids attach their answers to the questions and the questions to the answers..... creating a domino effect. This a great game for a math center.
If you don't have the game, it is easy to make.
This year in my classroom I created a quick center called "Math Link and Chains". This summer at a workshop that I attended, they called it "Math Ladders". It's an easy game that you can whip up or that you can create with your class for a math center.
On one side of the stick is an answer and the other side has a question.
See picture below.
Our writing activity this morning was paragraph writing- "How To"
 The boys I work with LOVE skateboarding and dirt bikes, so this was their basis for their
 "#hashtag" topic!

Here is some of their writing this morning.
Topic- "#New Skateboard Park"
Topic Sentence- "The new skate park in Tecumseh is dangerous and fun."
Each sentence following, was evidence why the park is dangerous and fun. He was amazed at how much he wrote. When their mom came to pick them up, they were so pumped to read their paragraph. She was thrilled :) Breaking it down for the boys definitely made this writing activity manageable and less overwhelming.