Summer Giveaway!

Christine and I have been working hard these past few weeks to tweek, re-create and brainstorm new ideas for the school year.

We have completed two packs that are great to start your school year off with!
Graphics by "Simply Brenna"- ETSY Designer

We are giving away these 2 packs in our K&C Summer Giveaway!
The Monday to Monday Folder
This package includes:
*Monday to Monday Folder Covers
*A weekly Reading Log
*Monday to Monday Folder explanation note for Parents
*Reading Strategy Card (Print, Folder/Cut, Laminate)
*Reading Tip Sheet
*Student Questionnaire (Great for the beginning of the yr)
*Parent Questionnaire (Great for the beginning of the yr.)
*Words of the Week Explanation/Note home
*Words of the week templates
*2 newsletter templates
**Templates come in colored and black & white printing options**Students bring home the folder on Monday and return it the following Monday.

This allows students to gain some independence and takes the pressure off of parents/guardians to fill out reading logs nightly, sign tests immediately and return permission forms the next day!
It has worked WONDERFULLY in our classrooms and we have heard nothing but positive feedback from parents and guardians.

Our next new package is a new way to communicate with parents and keep them up to date with areas of success and improvement.

The Compliment Cupcake
The compliment cupcake was designed to provide feedback on something the student does well and at the same time provide feedback on a skill they need to improve or work harder on.
This package includes:
*Principle behind the compliment cupcake
*Instructions on how to use the compliment cupcake
*Details on how to use the compliment cupcake for home communication
*A letter to parents
*4 compliment cupcake templates (with and without parent signatures options)
*Suggestions for strengths and achievement  (icing)
*Suggestions for areas of improvement (cupcake bottom)

Click below to enter our draw! A winner will be chosen on Friday! :)
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  1. No real theme - just bright colors & kids clip art.

  2. I don't have a particular theme or color scheme, but art and nature are the things I tend to put up on the walls as I think they are so important for all of us. I also think they have a very calming influence,

    1. Agreed! Thanks for sharing :)

    2. I would have a theme for sure (and most likely change it throughout the year!)

      Ps- love the compliment cupcake! <3

    3. Hi Karen,
      Your email just came back to me....

      Is there another email account we can send the winning pack to?
      Please let us know.

  3. My theme is black and white chevron with aqua highlights and sometimes a little yellow and gray is thrown in!

  4. I am thinking of going with owls this year, they seem to be everywhere! I have done black and light blue with everything oceans for two years and I'm tired of it! :) This Monday to Monday folder is terrific!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

    1. I did owl's in my classroom one year. I made the classroom look like an old pioneer house. I had a huge tree on the wall and purchased these owl mailboxes that hung on the branches and used them for the student job chart. Thanks for your comment Fern. :)

  5. this giveaway looks amazing

    1. Thank you, Ivett. It has been fun to work on.

  6. Thinking about using a superheroes theme.
    My classroom is painted in lime green which has a calming and soothing effect on my students.

    1. Hi Roxanne, Thank you for your comment. Have you seen on pintrest the superhero suckers? I did them for Valentine's day one year. You print off a cape and personalize a message and they fit onto suckers and you glue on the superhero mask. They turned out amazing. Thanks for the comment. :)

    2. Thank you and you're welcome. Off to pinterest!!!

  7. Thinking about using owls and bright colors.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Markisha. I have seen some really cute crafts for owls, with sunflower seeds glued on for the body. I like to use a craft the students have made as a boarder on one of the bulletin boards in the classroom. Makes it feel like they are part of the room. :)

  8. Black and white and splashes of yellow throughout the to use daisies. Last year I used bees...but I had a kiddo who was absolutely terrified of them. I think daisies might be a better option. Ha!

    1. Hi Shana, Thank you for your comment. Funny and Sad about the Bees. I love using nature in the classroom and love the look of bees. Didn't even cross my mind about the fear factor for some. You should be safe with daisies. :)

  9. No real theme just lots of primary colors


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