Throwback Thursday on the 4th of July!

I love the month of July! The weather warms up, the sun shines and people in general seem so much happier!

July 1st we celebrated Canada Day! I was lucky enough to take in a Blue Jay/Tiger game in Toronto with some dear friends! It was a beautiful day!
Today we wish all of our friends, family and followers a wonderful 4th of July!
We are also linking up with Cara for Throwback Thursday!
This post is from last September (2012).
Every year I try to think of a creative, yet simple way to celebrate birthdays in my classroom. This past year I made up individualized birthday tags and grab bags (displayed on the birthday board).
Last year I filled them with a candy necklace, a spinning top, and little metal ball hand/eye coordination game & birthday pencil and eraser.
Christine picked up a little origami fish pack at a little store in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.
What do you do for birthdays?
Looking for some unique ideas... Please share :)
You can pick up these birthday tags for FREE {HERE}.
Have a wonderful Thursday!! :)