A Keeper for Next Year... A Book Tasting Party!


I hope everyone is having a great summer.  Things were so busy in June, that I wanted to share how great this "Book Tasting" activity was and never got a chance to. It was such an incredible idea and the students just loved it. I plan on doing a couple of them this year.  I found this Idea on Teacher Pay Teacher and it happen to be one of the gems that are for free by Kim Pawlyk.

I ended up making my own personalized invitations for the students to take home {HERE}, and we worked on portraits using paint texture as the link to their books.  The students then had a week to work on a book talk report using the guidelines in the free package. On the day of the book tasting we decided that they could dress up as characters from their books. During the presentations we walked around with fancy "Shirley Temples" to drink and had small finger foods. 
Here are some picture of what the classroom looked like.
It looked and felt like a gallery opening. 
Cupcakes by The Bookish Baker!

The way this worked in my class, was the students began with helping themselves to a refreshment and some finger foods , as they volunteered one at a time to stand in front of their masterpiece and present their book talk.  The rest of us, gathered around listening. We then mingled and talked about what we just saw.  The conversations were very engaging and on topic. I did find that my students who are usually very nervous about any type of presentation were far more relaxed to be up in front of the class. It felt informal with us standing and listening, but you could have heard a pin drop during their presentations.
Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Oh my goodness this is PERFECT timing! I just purchased my red checked table cloth for our book tasting. Thanks so much for suggesting this freebie! :)


    1. It was so much fun. Your welcome, Catherine.



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