Out with the old, In with the New
In July I posted that I was going through my classroom and organizing all my books and cupboards.  It took about a week to tidy up the mess I created throughout one school year.  What a failed to mention was I haven't really gone through my teaching supplies that I keep at home. As I tackle organizing my basement, what I have left till the end is the daunting task of going through all the teaching supplies that I haven't touched in 4 years. I really need to focus on whether I use the stuff I have at home or not.  I know some of the things at home I keep just in case my grade changes.  Which I know is smart with all the chaos that is happening with jobs right now in Ontario. The problem is that all this old stuff takes up tons of space. Things are moving towards the digital stage, I have so much that is already obsolete.  What I love about TeachersPayTeachers is that everything is on my laptop, ready to use when I need it. It doesn't fill a basement, classroom, shed, and there is no searching through boxes.
So with the sale starting tomorrow, I am hoping to inspire others to clean out your basements and get rid of the old and take advantage of the sale to welcome the
Here are some pictures of the clutter and mess in my basement .When I am done, I am hoping to have only a couple of bins of things I love and a laptop full of lessons I can't wait to use.

Don't let the sale pass you by!!!!!

Click HERE to head to our store :)

Happy Shopping!

 Kaitlin and Christine