Grade 7/8 - Real life connections and more!

Well, week 2 is now in the books! Ha! I survived! It's been a huge adjustment,
but it's going very well! :)

This week I launched the science program. The kids brainstormed different fluids and gases present in the world (independently) and then I put them into small groups and they categorized them in their own ways. We are now working on an interactive science book-- I will post that soon!
 (just need to take pictures of them). 

Their reading focus this month is "Making Connections". These kids have been making connections since grade one, so there are many "huffs" when the words are even mentioned! Haha! So I decided to take their readings and have them connect to the "real world". The grade 7's are reading about war and the grade 8's are reading about global & social issues.

This week I showed both the Canadian and American perspectives of the Syrian Civil War during our lab time. The students used their readings and connected their opinions and responses to the speeches/opinions given.

Some of the connections and opinions given were fabulous and well written. The kids are so intrigued about this issue. So much so, that they asked if we could debate the issue on whether it is our moral obligation to help Syrians out or not.

We have hooked up to GoogleDocs and have begun saving and sharing our writing.
What a great invention!

On a side note-This weeks weather went from 100F to 60F in a matter of a day---- Perfect baseball weather for Phys. Ed. Class!

Read this quote this week on Pinterest that someone I follow pinned--- Ahh, so very true.
My mind is-a-stretchin' in this new intermediate world.

Have a delightful Monday!