Like riding a bike....

It is the beginning of the third week back and routines are being established, the students are walking into the classroom knowing what is expected and what they need to do. Homework folders are going home tomorrow and it is meet the teacher on Tuesday.  Feels like I never left and it feels great. I am finding I am not as tired each night and preparing for each day is getting easier and easier.  Ideas are starting to fall into place and mesh together with the curriculum. 

Our job tree is up and running and the students are excited to have a job each week.
I had a birthday last week and finished the birthday bags and made a new tag to go with the new and improved homework folders. You can get the new birthday tag for free {HERE}!
As you can see they all hang at the front of the classroom.  The kids are so excited for their birthdays now that these bags are hanging up just waiting to be opened. Not all teachers do a special treat or bag for birthdays. There is no right or wrong rule here. I know that the reason I do the birthday bags is because I remember when I was in grade one, the teacher made time in the day to play a game where the birthday student got to start it, and they received a special surprise bag.  The main excitement was just wondering what was inside. I don't even know if I liked the gift as much as the anticipation of opening it.  I try to do the things I really enjoyed as a student myself and replicate those great ideas in my classroom now.  I told the class "That if I'm having fun, they must be too".
Hope everyone is settling into the routines as well as your classes. 
Happy Sunday!