Twas the night before the first day of school....

Tis the night before the first day of school and I am almost ready to tuck myself into bed for a night of sweet dreams about children and chatter.

I was at the school today finishing up some last minute labels and books.  I like to decorate the notebooks for the children and I choose new ideas each year. This year I have light bulbs for open ended math questions for their math journals, it is going to be labelled "Bright Ideas".  I have a heart for our religion books to go with our jar of blessings bulletin board. The journals this year have a key on them, and they will be labelled "The key to good writing".  Finally the math workbooks I used a clock and I will have the students put the numbers in as an opening activity to telling time. Here are some pics.
I try and incorporate different textures, and the clock actually has working hands. 
I downloaded a great package that goes with the book "First Day Jitters" by CollaborationCuties
I made a package to go home with the students as a "Welcome to Grade 3"
And finally, my big purchase this summer was a wheel of fortune spinner. This magnetic spinner attaches to your reading cart, or boards if they are magnetic. You can use it for math, language, DPA, writing and reading centres, the possibilities are endless. For the first day of school I am using it as a getting to know something about you game. The students spin the spinner and have to share something about themselves. 
I hope everyone has a great first day tomorrow, and for all the teacher's that started before tomorrow, I hope your having a great start to the school year.
Christine :)