Week One in Grade 3-- Using What Works!

When something works why change it? The first week went by very quickly.  I am so excited to work with the new students in my class this year. Like every year, I feel I have the best class.  It is amazing to me how much smaller the students are at the beginning of grade 3 compared to the end.  I ran into a few of my students from last year, and they look so grown up to me already and it has only been a couple of months. 

Last year was my first year using the book "No David" to come up with some great classroom guidelines.  This year I made the "No David" with the students and had them help me draw him and colour him before the lesson.  The book was a favourite for many and they enjoyed me reading it to the class even though most of them had read it before.  That to me is a great book, when you don't hear the students sigh and say "I have already read that book".  Instead they were ready to listen to every page.  I found this activity on Pinterest and both Kaitlin and I used it at the beginning of last year.  The students came up with lots of things that David "Can" do. 
Here is our "Work Worth Tweeting About" board.
This week I will be introducing the new Monday to Monday homework folder program.  I am changing things up a little. I usually send home the Star Student project as the first homework assignment but this year I am going to spend sometime with the "Paragraph Tweeting Style" so that when the "Tweet Student of the Week" project goes home the student will have some experience writing really good paragraphs.
Have a great second week!