We celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend...... and oh what a beautiful weekend it was! We were blessed with the most splendid weather.
Definitely felt extremely grateful this weekend.
It's going to be hard to head back to school after a 4 day weekend. {Only Canadian teachers will understand, I suppose! And we are THANKFUL!}
Here's how last week rolled out:
We continued with our Expository Writing. It's quite the process! It is awesome to see the students writing progress, as they take their writing through the writing process.
As mentioned before, each paragraph is colour coded. It has helped keep the students work in order and is much easier to follow when peer editing.
Here's an example.
For the students that didn't have coloured pens, a coloured block was used in the margin of the paragraph to keep order.

In Math, I have been keeping "Last Weeks" Problem of the Week up, along with an example of a Level 4 (A) answer.
Each week I feature a students work.
I have created feature cards to put up this week.
You can pick them up HERE.

Here is this weeks problem:
Junior/Intermediate Math Journals..... COMING SOON to TPT! :)

My students with special needs are also completing Problem of the Weeks.
I have been using our various Math Journal Bundles. They are producing awesome work and also see their work on display! :)
You can pick them up HERE, HERE and HERE.

In Science, my students are creating iMovies about the main ideas of the Particle Theory.
I was inspired by this video:
I can't wait to show you what they've created.
I am in awe! And it is too darn funny.
Editing block is tomorrow--- so stay tuned!

Finally, as some of you may know I have a BUSY classroom--- 19 boys and 6 girls make for fun times! Ha! With a few behaviours in my room, I needed to come up with a system.
I worked with the Behaviour Specialist in my school to come up with a classroom program. It's not NEW to the teaching world..... But it was new to me!
It's called SPA TIME.
Student Preferred Activity Time.
Each block of time/transition the students are given a time to get ready-- I.e. bathroom breaks, drinks, sharpened pencil and books on their desk. Whatever time remains goes onto the SPA Board (+) and if they run over time it is entered under the (-) time. At the end of the day they can use their SPA time or move it to BONUS. The kids created a list of preferred activities (i.e Capture the Flag, Board Games, Social Time etc.) which we keep posted in the classroom. If they move their time to BONUS, they can continue to add to it. Bonus preferred activities might include a Movie or Pot Luck etc. (depending on how much time is banked).

Click HERE for a SPA point board.

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Have a lovely Tuesday!