Week of building Friendships

We have finished examining every nook and cranny from the book Enemy Pie.  What a great unit.  The class and I ended up making our own "Friendship Pie" and altered the recipe and made it our own by adding a secret ingredient or two. We wrote about what we could do to turn an enemy into a friend and hung the suggestions out in the hall for all to read. Here are some pictures to share.
Click HERE for the recipe :)

The books we are working with in the classroom has really made a difference in the students word choice. We have been looking at vivacious verbs, and exceptional adjectives and I have noticed a difference in the students writing. On the last day of September we added our first piece of work to our Writing Portfolio's . I am so excited for the students to be able to see the growth and changes in their writing when we look and compare each months work. This portfolio helps me focus on each students individual needs.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.   :) 
 I am looking forward to a busy week with only 4 days to get 5 days of so many fun things done.