A Quick Weekly Roundup: Mixtures, Math & iMovies!

Well, all be gee...... it's already nearing the end of the October!
Here's how a little of the week played out......

My students officially completed their iMovie's about The Particle Theory.

 We continued our investigations and looked a little deeper at Mixtures....specifically Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Mixtures.
In order to try to get my students to remember the difference between the two, we dabbled into a "scientific taste-test".

We mixed lemonade and iced tea to create a homogeneous mixture.
And we broke apart and enjoyed a granola bar, as we discussed the characteristics of heterogeneous mixtures.

In Math, we continued working with Rates and Ratios.
As part of our 3 part math block, the students worked throughout the week on various group problems. At random, I choose 2-3 groups to present their group problems when complete.
This has given me a chance to see who is able to communicate using "math terminology/vocab" and who can explain how they solved the problem (also seeing who did "most" of the work).
I have been displaying they various ways to solve up on the math board for others to see--- and how to achieve a Level 3 or 4.

Finally, the students used their Google Accounts to send me their first "Good Copy"- for their writing portfolios.
Using the editing mark list from our "Writing Portfolio Pack", my students edited each others writing (2 students needed to sign off on each their writing) and I gave them a quick check, and they were off. I have a teacher Google account that they share their work to and voila! It tells me who has handed it in and who has not. I mark it my computer and send it back to them. Much easier than printing them all off and lugging them around with me.

Off to work on report cards. Ugh.
Happy Sunday!
Have a great week!