Making Things Work

We have just begun our Geometry Unit, and the results of our government testing showed that it was one of the weakest area for our students.  The math book we use is only a guideline, so I have found some freebie's on TPT that I hope will break things down for the students. This shape book that the students started with, went through and explained the basics about shapes and their attributes. You can find the free download here. I loved it.

I found it was helpful to start with the basics. I have some smartboard activities planned for this week as well as a flip riddle book.
Our 2nd "Tweet" student of the week did an amazing job. I want to thank the "Tweet" student's parents again this week, for writing such an incredible "note from the nest". I think as of right now, the students love the parent letter day the best out of their whole special week. Here is Ryan's bulletin board.
In Science News, the launch to our new unit went off with a BANG!  We created our Anchor chart with what we know, what we want to know and what we will learn. The students had some great things they were curious about.  Some really interesting questions about gravity.
Here are some pictures of the students making anchor charts for the classroom of push and pull factors found at home and at school. They realise that every moment of everyday has something that can be considered a push or a pull. For example: Just the motion of my finger tips on my laptop keyboard is a push factor at work. :)
These and more activities like these can be found in our Science Package- Forces and Movement.
Hope you have a wonderful week.  December is just around the corner. Check back next week, when it will be raining reindeer. :)
Thank you