Never too late to start NEW PRACTICES!

It is never to late to start new routines if you think they can help with the learning in your classroom. I have decided to start a group point program and have the 5 groups in which the students sit, become something they can work together to earn points for the month. After talking with my incredible partner Kaitlin who has done this for many years, I do think it can only help with the routines in the classroom. I have a handful of students who each day forget to show me notes from home and/or write in their agendas. This way their peers can help them with this task. I also find I am waiting quite a long time for the students to transition from one task to another. Kaitlin shared with me, that with this type of group point system, all you have to say is "the first group ready with their books and a pencil receives 5 points"  and it actually gets all students moving. I am excited to see this type of team work among the groups.

Pics of the points program will posted as soon as I am back at school. I hit my foot on a corner of some molding in my house and fractured my toe last night. So I should be back at school on Wednesday this week if all goes well at the fracture clinic tomorrow.

So last week on Halloween the students made mummy jars and we put the battery votive inside them. They had to measure pieces of bandage tape and cover the jar. After the first piece was measured they had to use that piece as a reference for the other pieces.  This will be a fantastic connection with measurement when we get to that unit. Here is a pic of their spooky mummies.

I have pics of the Halloween scavenger hunt and the caramel apples we made in class to share.
 These were their "trick or treats" from me.
 Here is how it all turned out.
Happy Belated Halloween from Mrs. Renaud's Grade Three Class!