New Practices

Last week we started some new practices in our classroom.  So far the response has been more than I could ask for. The group point system is working like a charm and the students are working together.  Lessons are starting quicker and transitioning between activities is taking minutes instead of blocks of time.
We had our first scavenger hunt math quiz this week. It was also bring your child to work day, so I had extra help with the set up. This came in handy since I broke my toe and was still not walking on it. I went through instructions for the quiz with the students and the extra help of my son Ben and my best friends daughter Amelia made the set up a piece of cake. For our scavenger hunt math quiz, I write two questions on cue cards and tape them up all around the room. When the students come in from recess I model how to take a card and complete the quiz. My son and my best friend's daughter were my markers for the test, so the students were able to have instant feedback on whether or not they were completing the questions correctly. It has been my experience that the students feel less over whelmed doing 2 questions at a time, and run to find another card. This is just a way I found that I can still assess how they are doing in a less threatening way than a sit down test. Here are some pics of the fun quiz.

Last week I also started posting a "Good Math Question" on our Math word wall. I posted a question that the students responsible for working on when they finish their math early. They copy the question down in their math journal and work anywhere in the classroom.
For Remembrance Day I took a huge risk and had my first experience with charcoal. The class did not disappoint me. They were so incredible and focused. I think we have made a larger mess with markers. When explaining and modelling how to use to charcoal the students didn't move. They were so excited, as was I, to try something new. We even used rolled up pieces of bread as our erasers like the pioneers would have. What a great connection. The students also brainstormed words for Remembrance Day and chose a sentence that explains how they feel. Here is their visual art projects. I am so proud of them.


The poppies are made out of finger paint.
Here is a finished copy.
We start our first "Tweet" Student of the Week tomorrow. I have been modelling with my own project last week. I will post a picture of each students board on every Sunday. I hope Grace is excited tomorrow when she finds out she is our first "Tweet" Student. Congratulations Grace.
Some pictures I wanted to share didn't transfer onto my laptop tonight. I am hoping to post them tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a great Sunday! I know I did. Any day Kaitlin and I can spend time together working on packages is a great day.