Remembrance Day Perspective Writing & Art

Another week in the books!
Already November! Woot! Woot! I love the Christmas season and that just means that we're that much closer. And I am ok with that :)

This is week we worked quite a bit on Word Choice and how to elevate our writing.
We buried some "OVERUSED" words and created replacement words. The students continued working with their interactive literacy notebooks, and created a dead word visual.

In media literacy, we have begun looking at various types of media, their intended audience and purpose.
One of the projects we are working on is creating a CD covers. Using our "Media Literacy" Pack, we have learned how colours play a large role in attracting various customers.
Below is the success criteria that we created as a class after reviewing many media samples.

Super excited about our schools new Chrome Books! My kids have already begun their online writing portfolios through MyTools2Go and this device has helped make it easier :)

Using the new Chrome Books, we worked on Remembrance Day Perspective Writing.
My students wrote from various perspectives-- Their point of view, a soldiers and a poppy in Flanders Fields. We will be adding this writing to their artwork Monday. See below.

This weeks purchase was some red paints (coarse gel paint) and some new charcoal.

Using various elements, my students worked on their monochromatic backgrounds.

From there, they used charcoal to create shadows and depth.

Their poppies and perspective writing will be added to their backgrounds on Monday afternoon. It is truly lovely and I am very happy about how it's all coming together! Can't wait to share :)

Happy Weekend to you all!