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Here's a few packs that we have loved using in our rooms!
Our kiddos LOVED our Melted Snowman Activities last year.
See HERE. A cute way to celebrate winter!
And pick it up HERE.
 Kick the winter reading blues goodbye with this WINTER READING CHALLENGE.
See how my kids used it last year-- HERE.
The paragraph writing kit is a new way to get students to write using a basic "Twitter-like" outline! It's easy and fun.
It's bundled with our Super Tweet Student Project. It is a week long project that celebrates each student in your room!
Here's a peak at Christine's student display board in her room!
This is our Poetry Unit Bundled! Teach various types of poetry, create a poetry response book and host a poetry contest in your room!
HERE,  HERE and HERE is how we used it in our classroom. The kiddos loved it!
Our Energy pack is one of our favourites! It is chalked full of hands on activities and assessment pieces. Take a mini-peak at how we used it HERE and HERE.
This is our brand new unit-- Science: Forces and Movement!
Here is a little look at how Christine's been using the pack in her room HERE so far.

Our Liquid and Solids unit was a hit with my kids in my room last year. We made boats and
play-dough and participated in a bundle of experiments!
You can snag it HERE.

Our Drama pack is a great go-to unit to use to enhance your drama program--- or to use for a little brain break time. Check it out HERE.

Our Writing Portfolio Pack is a keeper! It's a great way to keep your kiddos writing pieces in an organized portfolio. It also allows them to respond to their writing.
Take a peak at how we used it HERE.
Head on over to our little shop HERE :)
Happy Shopping!
Kaitlin & Christine