Feeling a Little Nostalgic- Embracing Intermediate Life!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Can you believe it?! Only a few days left before Christmas Break! Where did the time go? These past few weeks have been giving me a feeling of nostalgia. As many of you know, especially if you follow our little blog, that I am teaching grade 7 this year.... and Christmas in an intermediate classroom is a wee-bit different than Christmas in a primary classroom. Don't get me wrong, they are excited, but it's just so very different. And different is ok.

Trying to ignite the magic, we dabbled into some Christmas Spirit and met with our JK/SK buddies! Seeing wonder in our little buddies eyes as my grade 7 gang helped write Santa letters with them, was adorable. My big kids left their classroom saying "Miss, I remember feeling so excited like that". My lesson that followed was that as you get older, it's not just about the "presents" but about the giving, the kindness and the happiness you have the ability to bring to others.
*See our light-bulb activity below*

Following our letter writing, we continued to spread the kindness to our own classmates.

In Religion Class we have been learning about how we see ourselves and how we think others see us. We often focus on the negative characteristics and quickly forget about all of the positives.
Using a Christmas light cut-out, the students wrote words that described themselves.
After, the students passed their light bulb clockwise, and each student wrote positive characteristics on the alternate side.

When the activity was complete, each bulb was laminate and hung in our classroom.
I love how the students continue to return to the stringed lights to read what others have wrote.
A few more smiles were created through this activity.

In Math class, we are well into a Data Management Unit. Using our schools Chrome Books, my students were each assigned an NBA team (nba.com) and were asked to analyze the statistics. Students created and made assumptions, graphed points scored and compared wins and losses.

My students, especially my 19 boys, were very focused on this activity and all of my kiddos produced great work!

 We also have been looking at Game System Weekly Sales and are using line graphs to compare the growth each week.

We continued using the 3:15 app on the iPad. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this app! See HERE if you missed what it's about.

We recently listened, read and viewed the book entitled "Mr. Mason's Jars".

We used Erin Cobb's Plot Trees to demonstrate their understanding of the narrative. This tree came from her "Gift of the Magi Pack", which I will be using later this week, but you could truly use it for any story.

In both drama and literacy class, we have engaged in deep discussions in regards to bullying (especially cyber) and the dangers of technology. I showed my students various Public Service Announcements (PSA's). We looked at how the message is demonstrated in a clear manner, as well as other various features. The assignment was to choose one topic we have learned about in health for the past month or so, create a script and present it in a PSA format using iMovie or Garage Band on the iPad. We will be watching how all the PSA's turned out this week. The challenge was to present the message in a way that would be taken seriously (hence, the drama aspect).

Finally, in Visual Arts, we have been working with shadows, as well as space and form. Using our Advent readings and our focus around the nativity, the students created reflections of Jesus' Birth.
We used this nativity shadow show as our inspiration:
 Here's a little peak. Our finishing touches are set for tomorrow, so you will see the final product in the next post.
Each student has their shadowed pieces reading to be added to their backgrounds.

 Stay tuned!
A busy 8 days are approaching!