Here comes DECEMBER!

The students have worked very hard this week on a door contest that our school is hosting. The door should be a reflection of the learners in the classroom.  I started using the "Don't let the Pigeon" books by Mo Willems this week with the students. We have been focusing on speech and word bubbles.  The students have really enjoyed the books by Mo Willems, so I have decided to do an author study on him. I think this is what they refer to as student led learning. They have had many questions about him as an author and because of that we are making the time to answer them.  Here is our Christmas Door, you can see what a great job the students did with the speech bubbles. When I began I had no idea it was going to run down the whole hall.  :)
In Religion, for our count down to Christmas, I found this wonderful gift bag kit at IKEA . I put up as a Christmas Tree. Each bag is numbered and will have something small in it, that relates to the advent season and the preparing for Jesus's birth. Each morning in their Religion books, I will have the students write out a guess of what is in that day's bag. I will then show them and they will write about the item in their books. I am predicting that as the days go by, the student's guesses will get better and better. The bulletin board is just missing the title "What is your GUESS?"
In Math, we are still working on shapes. I found this cute shape riddle book for free at TPT and we hung these outside our classroom. It was a great interactive board bulletin, the students walking by certainly enjoyed stopping and trying to figure out our shape riddles.
I want to send out a huge congratulations to our "Tweet" Student of the week. She did an incredible job and had some fantastic pictures to share. I will post the picture tomorrow of her board, the one I took did not turn out. An enormous thank you goes out to the parents for the fantastic job with the "note from the nest"
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Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Happy December 1st!