T'was the last week before the break.....

3-more-days! Oh yes.... I am counting! Ha!
Here's what we've been up to! Maybe there is something you can use in the coming days or hold onto for next year.
Last week we began our Christmas read alouds and shared reading. Our first reading was

Our focus was main idea, figurative language and challenging new words.
We used the original version of the text and dissected the difficult language embedded within. It's remarkable to see the student rise to the occasion and really begin to understand such challenging language, as while making sense of the text.
We also dove into some Christmas 'Readers' Theater'. I broke the kids up into 3 groups. The students chose their roles in each skit and participated in a shared reading (drama/literacy) each day.
The students then added sound effects and did a run-though. Tomorrow they will present their skit LIVE! :) You can grab these skits HERE. Thanks, Deb Hanson! :)

Last week in visual arts we began working with shadows, as well as space and form. Using our Advent readings and our focus around the nativity, the students created reflections of Jesus' Birth.
See the first post here.

Here is how a few turned out :)

Being that last week before Christmas Break, behaviour maintenance is a must :)
I am also sticking to our regular scheduled program!
With that in mind, I introduced a Christmas Auction Incentive late last week. Students have the ability to earn tickets for homework completion, agendas signed, helping each
other out in the classroom, being respectful, transitioning well etc.

For example, Friday was a Cumulative Review block in math class. Each question that was completed well, was worth a certain amount of tickets.
 On Thursday the students can use their tickets to bid on Christmas gifts.
I have wrapped various gifts-- For example, Jumbo Chocolate Bars, Subway gift cards, chapstick, gloves, highlighters etc.

The more tickets you have earned, the higher you can bid in the auction :)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
We just finished up a math unit in Data Management-- Today my students were broken into small groups and were assigned one chapter to create questions for our Jeopardy review game tomorrow.

The students will be broken into the groups and awarded auction tickets.

Last night I also put together small Christmas gifts for my kiddos-- Turned out super cute!
Thanks to my hubster for cutting out the labels last night, as I wrapped the ribbon!
Assembly line success!

It was inspired from an idea I saw on Pinterest-- mine is a smaller version with a label change.

Tomorrow we're kickin' back to kid mode and watching "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".
Each student will be given a viewing guide and fill out discussion cards throughout the movie.
We will analyze the characters (character traits), conflict, plot, narrative components, and more!
 Lots more planned.... we'll see what we get to inbetween assemblies, staff/student volleyball games and the hustle and bustle!
Wishing you a great few days before a much needed break ;)