Geometry Tiling and Some More Text Diving!

Oh Mama! We're going on week three of indoor recesses ya'll! That's as far as I will go with that thought! If you are a teacher you get it--- and your face might look something like this.

This week in math we worked on transformations in geometry. We started a mini-tiling project to really get this gist of rotations, reflections and translations. The students need to remember that at any point where vertices meet, the angles add to 180 degrees.

Tomorrow the students will have to include a write up about a portion of their tiling and be able to explain and describe their transformations.

In Literacy, we continued to look at Author's Purpose.
Since we have been spending quite a bit of time analyzing various texts and their purpose, we have a little quiz this week using this video by Lovin' Lit. I paused the computer after each video and the students recorded the purpose and evidence in their response books.
We had a couple chuckles with this video compilation.

We also continued using the Author's Purpose task cards by Erin Cobb. These have a been awesome and have really let me model my expectations well.

My new writing goal has been to get the students to add more figurative and vivid language into their writing. This week we used this great flip note as a reminder of each type.

Towards the end of the week we looked a metaphors- a comparison of two unlike things.
We used this video by Lonestar called "I'm Already There" to highlight this idea.

 The students use the lyrics to highlight and explain why it might be a metaphor and why the singer/songwriter might use various metaphors in their song.
We also took a deeper look at "main idea" and "theme"--- all using one song.

 This week I am looking forward to diving back into some readers theatre. I am going to use Deb Hanson's "A Day at Miller Mountain" to teach these elements of drama in a very simple way:

role/character: considering motivations of historical and fictional characters; considering various facets
of multidimensional characters; revealing character through the use of props and movement/blocking; maintaining commitment to role
time and place: improvising with/adapting available materials to establish setting; using blocking
(e.g., when and where to move) and stage areas (e.g., upstage right, downstage centre) in planning and performance