Rip Roaring Week!

Last week was an exciting week. The students brought in their "Rip Roaring Ramp" projects and I have to say, I was impressed by each and every one. Some of the projects I was impressed by the simplicity of the design and the few materials they needed to meet all the goals of the project. For others, it was the detail and added functions they were able to construct. Here are pictures of all the amazing creations brought in. There are only 4 students left to present, so I will include those pictures in the next blog.

        The Rip Roaring Ramp project is just one of the activities found in this science package.

                                                   So proud of the students!

This one was completely out of candy.
As you can tell by the student's expressions, they are so proud as well.  
These are some pictures of the students doing the experiments in the package.
This one was on static electricity, we used our hair and a pop can.  
Our mass at church last week was a great success. The students traced out of their hands and we cut the middle out of them and put coloured tissue from behind the middle as the skin. We added them all to a huge cross that was cut out of big screen TV box. The stain glass cross turned out exceptionally well. I apologize for not having a picture of it. The church asked to hold on to it for this Sunday's mass, so I will go take a picture for the blog next week. It is worth showing.

We also got into some great writing last week about hot chocolate. Last week was another polar vortex for us, so with such cold temperatures, we made hot chocolate as a class and used a TPT hot chocolate writing package. The students were excited to make, smell, taste and talk about hot chocolate. There was some great paragraph writing going on in the classroom. The class also went around with a survey they made on "How do you like your Hot Chocolate?"

Here is last week's star of the week. Congratulations to Christian's parents for a great job on their parent letter. :)

 This week will be filled with a lot of last minute organization and assessment. Reports are due, units are almost complete. Term 2 starts next week.

Organization starts here with these folders. I had the students put name art the front of them and these will hold all their first term work.


This Friday is Chinese New Year. I am looking forward to the celebration that will end our term!
Last year, I had a near by Chinese restaurant donate, chop sticks, place mats and fortune cookies to the class. I ordered fried wontons with sauce and white sticky rice for the students to sample. We watched a YouTube on how to use chopsticks,  the students learned about their own Chinese symbol and what it represented. We printed out the Chinese New Year booklet found in the mini unit below, had lucky money red envelopes and read a couple of stories about Chinese Traditions.  I plan on doing all those things along with using the new "Year of the Horse" craftivity package.
Please take advantage of the FREEBIE word scrabble we are offering.
Great activity for the kids!
Hope everyone has a great week!