Slow Start to a busy TIME!


Daunting is a word I always took offence to until now.   When I looked up the definition, I realized that daunting can mean to be discouraged or overwhelmed. I find taking pictures during an activity to be a very daunting task in primary grades. I plan and plan and plan, and have great hope each week to fill my ipad with pictures to share on the blog and yet each week, I only have pictures of the tools and lessons I use. I want pictures of the students working, learning, being engaged. I have such a hard time guiding, helping and facilitating what each students needs during a lesson and being able to take pictures of the process. I feel like I am always helping, showing, and modelling, and by the time I have gotten to all the students, time is up, and we are on to the next lesson.  I know every teacher in every grade must feel the need to have more than two hands. lol

But lately, I really feel frustrated that I can't capture all that is going on in the class.

However with that said, I will not let this discourage me. I will keep trying and work hard to come up with some type of solution. Last week I did have a student that finished early, go around and take some pictures for me. I was thinking of having that as one of the classroom jobs.  Has anyone ever done that before?  If you have can you let me know how it worked out?

Slow start to one of the busiest times
Yes it was a slow start to the first week back after the holidays. Yes it is one of the busiest times, because report cards are just around the bend and there is so much to still teach and assess. so missing the majority of the class for the first 2 days was unfortunate.

When things finally got going, we did our best to make up for lost time. Here are some of the happenings in grade three last week as well as our "Tweet Student of the Week board".

                                                                   Great Job Christian!
Here is our toasts to the New Year, as well as the "toast" we are eating to celebrate.
Some things I didn't get pictures of were the clocks we made with brass fasteners and working hands to help with learning time. Analog Clock Bingo was also a huge hit last week. The students are so engaged and I have a student show the time on a huge clock at the front of the class.  This week we won't show the time and see how the students do with their bingo cards.
Here are their finished Forces in Nature Pie Plate projects.
Found in our Science Package
Have a great week!
Thank you, Christine.



  1. I was so busy today working on something, but really wanted a picture of what was going on at one of my groups. I yelled out for one of my kids to grab my phone and get some pictures. They LOVE touching my phone and it's neat to see the pictures through the students' eyes. I read a lot of my blog posts to my kids because they are proud to share what we are doing and love seeing themselves on the big screen. I bet your students would love to have the photographer's job!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Thanks Alison, I will give it a try. I forget that I have my phone to take pictures with in a pinch. I always rely on taking my ipad out. What a great idea of showing the students the blog and reading to them. I know some students are following it at home, but your absolutely right, they would love to see themselves up on the big screen. I will use the smartboard tomorrow to do just that! Thank you so much for the great ideas.


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