Chinese New Year was a TOUCHDOWN!

Gung Hay Fat Choy  
Chinese New Year was a great day in Grade 3.
The students walked into the classroom with a  mini book on there desk and a lucky red envelope.
 Of course it had a chocolate coin inside to represent the lucky money that would be in the red envelope.
Our day began with the comprehension activity found in the Chinese Mini Unit Package.
Students read the story and had to use the information from the book to fill in the blanks on the comprehension sheet. We then began working on our 'year of the horse' craft and language activity.
It always amazes me, when I do visual arts with the students, how each craft although following the same directions has it's own unique look.
I worry sometimes that with too much instruction you will get carbon copies of the same craft. This never seems to happen, because the students always put themselves into the work.
It's like magic. :)
Our food arrived just after lunch on Chinese New Year. A Five Star Local Chinese Restaurant generously donated fried wontons, white rice, sauce, chopsticks, place mats, fortune cookies, and lucky red candies to the two grade 3 classes. The students were so thrilled, the excitement and chatter could be heard through the door. I had the class watch a youtube video on using chopsticks. This video seemed to be the most user friendly for the age of my students. Almost everyone had success using the chopsticks with their food. Most importantly ALL students had an incredible time sampling and learning about these special Chinese Traditions.
Lucky Red Candies

Here are some of my favourite books that I use with the class during our celebration.
Every activity you see on this blog for Chinese New Year can be found in this bundle.
 I would like to send a HUGE thank you out to the Pomegranate Restaurant Located on Wyandotte in Windsor, Ontario.
 Here is our "Tweet of the Week" board from last week.
Great Job, Rylann!  
Last but not least. Here is a picture of the cross the student made for our mass. The church has hung it on the wall near the choir section. It looks incredible.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and relaxing Super Bowl celebration.
Thank you