Great Week Back!

Although I went back to work after March Break not feeling rested at ALL, the week was great!
St. Patrick's Day was fantastic. The students were on task all day but exhausted by the end of it.
Here are some pictures from that day.

Pots of Gold

Our Leprechaun point of view writing was amazing. I will post some finished products later in the week. The students enjoyed choosing a leprechaun name and writing as if they were a leprechaun. 
We have taken it a step further and tied it into fairy tales, with this incredible book written from the Wolf's perspective of the famous "Three Little Pigs".
We then used this WOW resource available to teachers and expanded into Media and 3rd person point of view. The first story is about the wolf being in the hospital from all his huffing and puffing.
This resource comes with an audio cd and the stories are read to you like a reporter making a newscast.
Looking forward.... I am preparing now for Springing into April and POETRY!
Starting the first week of April, we will have all new centres beginning, a very special Author Visit from a local Author and Poet as well as our annual poetry contest.
Check out our Poetry Packages!
Happy First Week of Spring Everyone!