Used Canoe Commercials and Work with Music Videos

Oh March Break/Spring Break..... How I love you so! This break was SOOOO needed! Just to get away from the snow and feel a little bit of warmth can really change a persons attitude :)
I feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to the regular scheduled programming.
Here is a little of what went on in 7E before the break.
My students have been learning about life in New France in History. With our consistent focus on author's purpose in literacy and the elements of a media presentation, my students created Used Birch Bark Canoe Commercials.
First, I showed my students some "Used Car Commercials". Together, we discussed the key features of the commercial--- especially the ones that garnered the audiences attention.

We then created Success Criteria (the list of things that needed to be present in their commercial).
As each pair presented, the other groups were responsible for a student assessment.
The students were also responsible for handing in a script which was a assessed separately from their presentation.
This week, the students will create a radio ad. This will help the students who struggle with presenting in front of a group get a little more creative and show more enthusiasm that they may have been lacking in their Live! commercial presentation. We will create a separate success criteria and discuss how t.v. and radio ads differ.

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Last week we also used Jimi Hendrix' Music to learn about Personification.

After discussing the lines of the song that used personification (a figure of speech in which human characteristics are attributed to an abstract quality, animal, or inanimate object), I matched students up in pairs.

Using their Chrome Books, each pairs task was to find the lyrics of a particular song, and write down the lines that demonstrated personification.

You can pick up this assignment HERE.
I definitely am able to reach more students when music and sound is incorporated in some way.

We will continue working on personification in the coming days, as we add in a few St. Patrick's Day figurative language activities to the mix.