Best Earth Day I have ever had! 
On Tuesday, our first day back from the Easter Holiday, we celebrated Earth Day. This day has actually turned into Earth Week. The resources I am using this year are so rich to not try and get as much in with the students as I can. Everything ties into the strands we are working on in the classroom, and I wanted to share these resources with everyone who reads our blog. The students had a great day and are having a wonderful week. 

I used two TPT packages this year. One was for the smartboard that included an attendance sign in page. The package was made by Michelle Hanson and can be found if you click here.  Michelle updated all the web pages so everything in the package was working and accessible. The other resource I am using is a hands on mini unit about things you can do for Earth Day and included some Lorax activities. We read the story and watched the original short cartoon. This was a freebie and worth checking out!

Here are some pictures from the last two days.

This website was incredible and very interactive. 
Click on the picture to visit the site.
Here is our craftivity for Earth Day! 
Reused a spray bottle for watering our coffee filters.  
The students appreciated working with the lights off for the whole day. 
Thank you