A Peak at my Week- Grade 7E

Here's what's on tap this week in 7E....

In Literacy, we continue our look at a variety of texts, with a continued focus on poetry. Here is the anchor chart that is on my Literacy Board. We will dive a little deeper into the structural elements of poetry this week.
You can pick up the pieces to this iPoet chart HERE for free!

I love using Lovin' Lit's poetry posters, as a visual reminder to my students. I also post these under "Learning Goals" or "Specific Focus" when we are creating or analyzing a specific type of poetry.
This week we are looking at Narrative Poems and using the "selfie" to accent it ... since some of my students are all about the selfie!! :) Ha! I told them about this last week and they thought I was joking. It's happening! :) Hehe.

In Math, we continue to learn about area and perimeter. My students have a good understanding of area and perimeter of a rectangle and parallelogram, but this week, we will dabble into work with triangle.

Here are some visuals I am using in their math workbooks.

 These tangible examples will hopefully help my kiddos see how the area of a rectangle and area of a triangle are related.

In Visual Arts, we are putting the finishing touches on our 3dimensional city views. The students are amazed at what they are able to create using perspective points. I will post the final products soon.
Since I am not an artist, I try to find online lessons to assist me.

Sometimes I draw along and explain and other times I pause the video and discuss the element being used.  Here is one I used this past week in my room:

In History Class, we are getting VERY close to the War of 1812. The boys in my room are very much "into" history, which always makes teaching a little more fun. Before we head on a field trip to Fort Malden in a few weeks (the post/ headquarters for the British forces in south-western Upper Canada during the War of 1812), we need to recap what we have learned, leading up to this war. 

 My plan is to create historical recap boxes to display.

Here is a look at my intention.....
I am tweaking this already.... so I will post the final idea soon :)
Very easy, and a great interactive display.

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I'll leave you with my focus for Monday.....
So deep, I know ;)

Have a happy week!