Day Three of EQAO Testing

Day Three and our final day of our Government Testing

Today the kids were on top of both the math and language components of the test. Each day I feel they were a little more comfortable with the test and how to answer the questions. Today in  math and language they did their absolute best work.

Here is the treat they walked into this morning.

What I baked for them last night is an oldie but a goodie. I have a chocolate chip recipe that I have been using for years. I found it back when you could by the bakers chips in the red bag. I substitute the semi sweet chocolate chips with milk chocolate chips and it gives it a velvety brown sugar flavour.
For the final day of testing I always try and end it with a WOW factor.
I was able to get my hands on an old fountain drink machine and filled it with lemonade on one side and strawberry juice on the other. The students filled up their recyclable containers all day when they needed a drink. What a great end to three very successful days for both the students and myself.
 I am so proud of my students!

I'm off to bed for what I am sure will be a very sound sleep.
Thank you for checking back each day to see how we were doing.


  1. You must be so happy to be finished! Our grade 3's started on Tuesday so they still need to finish today. Your cookies sound delicious!
    Grade 4 Buzz

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    1. Hi Lisa, Yes I am thrilled it is over. I heard some of my students in the hallway saying how bummed they were that it was over. lol

      Good luck on your Testing!



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