Day Two of EQAO Testing

Day Two of our Government Testing
Day two of testing went very smoothly. The students liked the math portion of the test. I noticed the students feel like they did well because they can answer most of the questions. (harder to recognise a wrong answer) In language if they leave some blanks on a line or don't understand the essay question being asked they feel like they have not done well.
I'm not sure about you, but I don't find these days stressful. My attitude is - I have done all I can and my job now is to keep their energy and confidence up till the three days are over.

That is exactly what I find the extra incentives are doing, not to mention they look forward to what was baked just for them in the morning.

This is what was on their desk today.

Today I had an old family recipe for banana bread. I find it is so moist and buttery without adding anything and very easy because it is all done in a food processor.
Here is the recipe if you would like to try it.
Guaranteed even if your not a fan of banana bread!
Did I mention yesterday that I was exhausted? Well today I feel it even more. I mentioned earlier that the testing doesn't give me stress, but it sure does make me tired. I am ahead of schedule a little bit tonight. Just finished baking for the last day tomorrow. I still have the packages for their desks to make but should be sleeping in the near future. lol
Please check back tomorrow to see the treat and how our final day of testing went.
Thank you