I'm late to the party.... A Little Five for Saturday!

Yesterday was Friday? (No one is going to sympathize with me on that one.... except for other teachers). No really..... I lose track of days during the summer. And I am not complaining about that!!! It's just that I missed "five for FRIDAY" weekly linky party, again! So now it's a Five For Saturday!
Here are 5 random things from my week.

Now, this is hard for me...... Although I am on Instagram, I have taken a liking to becoming more private. I try not to post my daily happenings and just live life (instead of documenting every little breath I take). So this Five for Saturday is just a little peak at a little of what's been going on.

My day one of summer began with a kitchen demo/ house reno!
Many people have asked me "why would you do this on your vacay?" Ummmm..... because I would cry myself to sleep if I came home from a long days work to find no floors and no kitchen, everyday! HA! HA!
Plumbing, electrical, framing, drywalling is ALL complete! We grouted last night and hardwood starts tomorrow! It's comin'!!! Cupboards in 11 days! :)  :)

With workers in and out, I have found a little time (because I need to be home) to get crackin' on a few projects for school/ TpT. Since my grade is up in the air every summer, I have taken the time to create packs that I know I can use in almost any grade.
This pack is "My Year at School Portfolio", which will include reflection & goal setting sheets, as well as places to store work samples. I am super happy with how it's turning out. A great gift or "keeper" at the end of the year.

 I started this baby in the winter and just never had the gumption to continue (interesting school year). I have finally cracked it open again to complete. It's looking awesome!


My sister got engaged 2 weeks ago (SUPER EXCITED!!!!)........ so I have been on Pinterest browsing like it's no ones business! If teaching doesn't roll out, I am so becoming a wedding planner! :)

Busy Pinning, as you can see!!!

At the conference in Vegas, we learned a lot about our blog and store and how to improve it. This week we cleaned up our store and are in the process of a new blog design (because we LOVE change!) Hehe!!! No really, we do. Any why not?!
Stay tuned for more changes!

While enjoying our lovely breakfast in bed this morning (not because it's romantic...... but because we have NO KITCHEN) the hubster and I were talking about some of my ideas for school (because I am sick in the head) etc. He asked "do you ever blog about me?" Hahahaha! I said, yes, regularly...... you obviously don't read my blog if you don't know that (I kid). So I started to ask him questions about my products and blog posts. He knew quite a bit...... surprisingly!
So this last 5 For Saturday is a shout out to HIM! The best hubster a girl could EVER ask for!
My rock, my love, my friend...... my tiler, my demo man, my mover.......my main squeeze!

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