What-a-whirlwind! 3 days in Vegas to regain a little focus and seek out a little inspiration, was just what the doctor ordered!
Christine and I arrive in Vegas on Thursday. Of course, some eats and shopping were on the menu first.
A little Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville to start and then some shopping at the Forum Shops at Caesars.
Dinner at Wolfgang Pucks restaurant "Spago" and the Bellagio Fountain's topped off a quick day one!
Friday was the FIRST TpT conference ever at the Venetian.
We were super pumped to be a part of this huge event. We entered into a room filled with a sea of teachers!! WOW! It was so nice to see, listen and chat with people who you only have met in the virtual teaching world, come to life.

There were huge display posters throughout the Venetian. This poster displayed "The TpT Way". #4 & #10 are the two that have stuck with me.
#4- We work in collaboration, not in competition.
How often do we meet teachers in our buildings who ideas are strictly their own (no sharing allowed)? Part of the reason we started this blog was to share our ideas and gather ideas from others. We do not claim to be pros, but just regular teachers, trying to make learning more fun and memorable for the students that enter our classroom. If we happen to help out or inspire a teacher along the way, that's a bonus!
TpT has really provided us with an opportunity to share and collaborate with teachers all over the world. It's been a gift that we are going to continue to embrace.
#10- We are TpT Sellers and we are changing the rules.
As teachers, we need to continue to change and evolve. We need to find new ways to meet the needs of the students in our room, in a creative way. Can we still use some "old school" methods from time to time if they work.... of course. But we need to engage! Christine and I are going to do our best to continue to create engaging lessons and products that make learning fun.

Along the way, we met some fabulous people....
Here are just a few:
DeeDee Wills from Mrs.Wills Kindergaten
Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade
Erica from Erica's Ed-Ventures 
John Yoo (partner and CEO of TpT)- Teachers Pay Teachers
We learned a lot from many presenters at the conference, and we will begin to share some of the inspiration in the coming months. We have a few changes in store and a new look that we're working with. So stay tuned :)
Other Vegas highlights:
Christine winning $60! People must have thought we won a million! HAHA! Oh and by the way...winning free games is just as exciting as money! Haha!
Eating at Giada's new restaurant-- OH MY GOODNESS.... WOW!
We definitely enjoyed our mini-vacay in Vegas.
Looking forward to putting our new ideas into reality
as soon as possible!
Happy Monday!


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time so lucky! I bet you came back with some awesome ideas and full bellies, your post made me hungry lol! Congrats on the win Christine! Enjoy the rest of your summer ladies!!

    1. Hey Jacqui! We did have a blast!! We were lucky to have been able to attend :)
      The food was so fabulous. I still scan back to those food pics to flashback and reminisce. Ha!! Hope you're having a great summer, girl! XOX Thanks for your readership and support.
      Kaitlin xo


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