What I Bought at the TpT Boost Sale

Ok, so if you know me, you know I love a SALE! :) I prefer a shoe sale, but I will take a Teacher's Pay Teacher's Sale 2nd. Ha!

During this weeks TpT Boost Sale, I decided to make purchases that I could use across various grades. Since I have to move around a lot due to seniority and good times, I thought, why not spruce up my travelling wagon with some new goods that are on sale and can help keep my classroom organized and functional!?!

Here they are:

I have been using a visual schedule for my kiddos since I began teaching 8 years ago, and tend to give it a new look each year depending on my décor. But I couldn't pass up these adorable editable schedule cards!

When I teach reading and writing, I focus on various genres, so that my students can attain a well rounded perspective on different pieces of work. You will see anchor charts and learning goals around the room. I intend to use these genre posters to display on top of my charts or goals throughout the year.
 I LOVE this new alphabet pack, because it includes letter headers for the word wall, but also letters to line the top of your black/white board. I purchased a set at a teacher's store a few years back and every time I put it up, I cringe! I don't think I will be doing the same with these guys!
Quick little purchases, that make me smile :)
Almost the weekend... Happy Thursday!


  1. I've been thinking about you! Hope you and Christine both got something for September! Xo

    1. Nothing yet, friend :( I'll keep you posted. Christine will be grade 1 at St. Jules. Very happy for her! xo
      Hoping and praying for the best for you, too.


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