Another Classroom to Reveal

This quote couldn't be closer to the truth. After 3 weeks at teaching grade 7, reorganization has moved me to another school to teach grade 6/7. I was devastated to leave my lovely 7's! They were the kind of class a teacher could only dream of. It was a challenge to move and begin again. But the show must go on. And after 8 years of moving and shuffling, I am getting use to it.... BUT very tired.

So, I got the call last Thursday...went to meet the teacher at my new school the same evening.... and started this past Monday.

Here is what I walked into (minus the books on the desks). Yikes! With 2 days to get my act in order, I got to work cleaning up this space with the help of one of my dear friends (who always comes to my rescue when my moves happen!) LOVE HER!

She helped me gather and sort books, and I labeled and put them into bins.
I used napkin holders to display books and added a lamp to warm up the space. 

With a combined grade, I try a little extra hard to stay organized. My grade 7's are using one large binder (as that is what they came to me with), but my 6's are using duotangs and notebooks. Once I am done assessing their work, I use these bins to store books until needed.

I added a few plants around the room and some inspirational artwork pieces (frames from the Dollarstore).

The white magazine boxes are being used for independent reading, but also as test-taking-dividers (purchased at IKEA).

With only TWO bulletin boards *actually one divided in two* I decided to use the space for numeracy and literacy.

The frames are currently holding Learning Goals. I change them in and out as needed.

The back walls of my classroom are BARE as can be. So I have an art idea that I am planning on executing in the coming days. I am still working on bringing the 6's and 7's together as one class. I have some canvases that I had hanging around at my house..... so stay tuned :)

 So here we are.
Students came from 4 different classrooms, and had begun a slew of different units. The past 4 days have been a BLLlluuUrrrrRR....But every day is better than the last. I did quite a bit this week, but didn't get around to taking snapshots, so my next post will be more helpful/interesting! Ha! Promise.

Have a great week! :)