Miracles do happen in first grade!

I finally found something that works with my class. I have mentioned in previous posts that my students are very weak in reading and writing.  I needed a miracle to happen because here we are in the middle of November and they still are not benchmarking past books at level 1 or A.
I started this 100 word club November 3rd and I have to say the miracle I was hoping for happened.
The students just love this program. They are so excited and driven to do well and move to the next level of words. I am using it as a homework program  and the parent feedback I am getting is all positive.  This package could be used in your word centres as well, and if the students stop progressing as the words get harder I will use these club words in my own centres. I dont need to do that right now because every student is working hard at learning these words.

I mentioned that it feels like a miracle-- The reasoning behind that is I just started testing my students again and so far every student has moved up 2 or more levels. That is a huge improvement from just 3 short weeks ago.  This improvement is definitely due to a multitude of factors, the parent support at home, my great LSST teacher working on sounds and word recognition, the students becoming more confident and of course, their excitement of the 100 word club.  All of these things play a role in the incredible gains the students have made in just 3 short weeks.
Hope everyone loves this package as much as I do.
I made the grade one package for my own classroom, and my colleagues have asked for packages for their classrooms. So due to demand I made 2nd and 3rd grade packages. 

Thank you for stopping by.  I would love to hear about any ideas in your classroom you are using to improve on your students' reading.

Hope to hear from you.