Remembrance Day or Veteran's Day

Easy Remembrance Day or Veteran's Day Crafts for 1st Grade

I am always looking for crafts that are amazing and easy for grade one students. They have small hands, and are just beginning with scissor, drawing, coloring and painting skills.

I found these easy tissue paper poppies on pinterest.
I had to do some prep for the flowers, but the students were able to do the rest. 
I did the accordion fold of seven pieces of tissue, trimmed the edges and held them together with a pipe cleaner. The students took their time pulling each layer of tissue apart until they could see the flower forming. They were so proud of the hard work they had done. What a beautiful finished product for such tiny hands.

(The secret is to be gently and don't rush)

Here are some beautiful Canadian Flags that are so easy to do and fun. The students drew lines with a ruler on each side of the paper and painted the sides, leaving the middle white. They put one hand in red paint and placed it in the middle to make the maple leaf. 
Gorgeous and they did it all by themselves. 

Who can believe December is just around the corner?

Hope you stop by for our sale on Dec 1st and Dec 2nd! 


Have a Great Friday! 
 I know I will! 
I have been looking forward to the week being over. Things have been so busy working over time with getting December centers ready for next week and still planning for each day. 

I have also been working on a wedding cake for a friend's wedding this Saturday. 
 I will post a picture of the finished product.