Collection of Crafts

Here are a few crafts that I have done with my grade one's over the last couple of months. I put them together to share because they worked out very well with my younger group of students.

Media in First Grade

I used our media package with my first grader's, but had to pick and choose the pages that the students could complete. My group is very weak with their printing/writing skills. The package was great to introduce them to gimmicks and strategies that are used to sell products to different audiences. The students learned a lot about colours, text features, and product placement. I chose to use a lunchable for the student project. Each child came up with healthy alternative for the food, amazing treats to persuade kids to want them. We included a recyclable container and cover to help their awareness of how important it is to take care of the world we live in.
Here is what their incredible young minds came up with. 

It is snowing like crazy right now where I live in Tecumseh, Ontario. 

One can only hope :)

Thank you