A Change of Pace & Some Easter Writing

It's been 7 weeks since our new little peanut entered the world. Mama's are constantly telling me "time flies.... enjoy every moment". Now I am really understanding the true meaning of these words. My wee-little munchkin has already changed soooo much from the day we brought her home and indeed, time is quickly passing by.
Our baby girl arrived healthy, happy & punctual on February 4th (her due date).  

We are IN LOVE.

Life has been shifted in a different, yet wonderful way. The first few weeks was a fog, but now we are slowly getting into routines and a change of pace. If only the weather would cooperate with us, we'd be in business.

I love being a mommy, and I am blessed to be living in Canada, allowing me to stay home with my baby for an entire year. I am excited to watch my baby girl change and grow. Nevertheless, I still yearn to keep busy (outside of baby world), especially when my babe is napping. So...... I have been chipping away at a few things I've been doing in the classroom, but haven't had time to put together in a neat bundle.

With Easter coming next weekend, I decided to put together my Easter Perspective Writing pack that I did with my upper grade kiddos the last few years. It has always turned out great! A great way to teach and review The Easter Story with your students :)

This 33 page mini-package contains a great writing activity that allows students to revisit the Easter Story from the Bible (from Jesus' arrest to resurrection) and write through the eyes of a person or thing.

 This pack contains:
- Clear step by step instructions
- Sample pieces
- Bible Passages that are easy to follow and read (broken into manageable passages)
- Choice cut-out cards (person/thing)
- Writing Template Pages
- Writing Assessment Rubric
- Sample on how to display at school

This package is great for grades 4-8 or as a shared write for younger grades :)

Check it out HERE.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. You are awesome!! Look at you working away while on mat leave :) but didn't anyone give you the advice "when baby sleeps you sleep" lol. Can't wait to buy and print off your new Easter resource, looks great!! Looking forward to seeing baby Jane again (and you of course :) ).

    1. LOL--- I definitely sleep when baby sleeps hehe..... but once I feel like a human, I try to keep busy. Can't wait to see you again, too. Have a great weekend, lady-loo!


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