Inferencing in First Grade

This past week in first grade we have been digging deep into what we know and clues from the text.

We have been INFERENCING. 

Using these two book series,we have been learning all we can about making great inferences. 

The "NO DAVID" books are great for looking at the pictures and guessing what happened. Each page has incredible illustrations and very little words. The students look at the clues and guess what might have happened in the picture. 

The 'PIGEON" books are great for character inferencing. The students look at the body language and facial expressions of the pigeon and inference how he is feeling. 

Here is our anchor chart that lead us into some great discussions. 

In addition to using these books we had a very special inferencing envelop that was filled each day this week with a secret item. The students had to guess what was inside. 
Using the sense of touch, hearing, sight, and sometimes smell they were able to make some really great guesses. 

As an extension to this secret package activity, I asked our principal and our secretary to place something in the envelope. The students had to think about who the envelope was being filled by when they were making their guesses. We recorded the guesses on this anchor chart. 
 When I filled the envelop the students guesses were things like food, smelly markers, and stuffed animals related to the text. When my principal and secretary filled it, they guessed things like a whistle, stapler, school key, etc. 
I would recommend this activity for all grades. 

What is coming up???? 

I am looking to do a Dinosaur unit with my class. Does anyone have any great ideas, resources and ideas for centers they have used and love? 
Please leave me a comment with your ideas. :)

Happy Sunday!



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