Leaving lessons for when your away...

If you are like me, you hate having to prepare lessons for when you are away from your class for the day. Whether it is a workshop or your sick, preparing to be gone for the day always seems like more work than being at school.

I have found a go-to activity that I love to leave for the supply teacher. A few years ago I came across this book that has great GLYPHS!

What is a GLYPH?

Just as a graph or Venn diagram conveys information about data that has been collected, a glyph displays information in the form of a picture. Which is a great way in the primary grades to engage students. What is unique about glyph's is that it describes information about the person (student) that created it. Once the glyphs are finished I have the students look for similarities and differences among them. We put them in groups and try and figure out the sorting rule, we also look at and describe attributes and patterns. What is so great about this book is that it clearly labels and states how each glyph ties into science, social studies, math and language. The book gives step by step lessons on how to extend the activity into those extra curricular areas. I also really enjoy the literacy links to popular texts that compliment the glyph. (most of which I already have in my classroom) 
Check it out!

Here is the bulletin board from the Glyph the students did when I was away.  We sorted and played with them on the carpet for Math and then placed them on the bulletin board outside of the classroom for others to enjoy!

Here is what my desk looks like if I am away for the day. I like to leave sticky notes and the lessons all in chronological order, so the supply in for me has everything at their finger tips. I have had great feedback about the Glyphs, and the students feel like they are doing a craft.  I want the day I am away to be as much fun as if I was there. It helps with the students behaviour and makes it a smooth fun day for the teacher in for me. 
God Bless Occasional Teachers :)

Language Lesson on Vowels

I have been loving "sentence puzzles" during my language lessons lately. Our focus this month is sentence fluency and I just love this package on Teacher Pay Teacher. The student cut out the words and place them in an order that makes a sentence. 

I start with a focus lesson on a simple rules of the English language (here is one I remember being taught when I was a student, not so long ago), and I finish with the sentence puzzle. 

Here is an anchor chart I made to teach vowel sounds when they are in a word side by side. 

Hope everyone is having a great week!