Mother"s Day

Here is what we did for mother's day in my classroom. You might have seen it before but I really like how they turned out.  

Mother's Day Purse 

This year I found animal printed craft paper to make a mother's day purse. Our local Michael's Craft store had 40 pack sheet booklets and it was worth every cent.  The students chose prints that felt and looked like actual purses. 

Step one: I made a template of the outline of the purse. The students traced the outline on the craft paper and cut the shape out. 

Step Two:  Using pipe cleaners and beads the students stringed beads to make the purse handle. A great fine motor activity for small fingers and hands. You could choose to have them create patterns and use this as a math assessment. 

Step Three:  Fold down the top flap and make a nice straight crease, then fold up the bottom half of the purse to fit just under the top flap. See picture. 

Step Four:  Have the students write their own message on the inside of the purse. We went with "Happy Mother's Day!  I love your "purse"onality!

Step Five:  Place a velcro fastener for the purse latch. 

Step Six: The final touch is to add to the purse something for mom. I have done a package of tea in the past, and this year I also approached our local Shopper's Drug Mart for a donation and the cosmetics counter graciously donated facial masks that we added to the purse. 

Finished Product!  Beautiful purse for all the beautiful mother's of our class.

Have a great Mother's Day weekend. 

Here is a special Mother's Day message to my TPT partner and incredible friend on her first Mother's Day.




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