Teacher Week 2016 - 5 Facts

I am not sure if I am going to be able to find the time to participate in teacher week Mon-Fri..... But it's worth a try!

So here we go......

I am in love with planning. I know, sick eh? I love coming up with new ideas and lessons. I don't even have a classroom right now (as I am on Mat Leave), and I constantly jotting ideas down for lessons that I wish I had when I taught last year. 
My newest creation is a Social Studies Unit for a new curriculum that I absolutely despise. 

I love watching sports! I do not find it boring or dull, in the least. It's a good thing.... because if the TV is on in our house on the weekend, it usually has sports on.
My favourite is basketball...... I love Michigan State :)
My husband is the chef in our house. Don't get me wrong, I like to cook every now and then (more out of necessity), but HE LOVES to cook! He really wants to open his own restaurant one day. It ain't happening, but he can continue practicing menu items on me :)

I have a new baby girl. I don't like to discuss her too much on social media..... but she has transformed our lives in the BEST possible way. The love that I have for her has no bounds.... no words. It's indescribable. Ugh! My heart just wants to burst when I look at her. XO.

As much as I love teaching, I am really struggling with the direction I want my career to take. Having a new baby has really shifted my priorities. I often question myself.... wondering if I can devote the time I want to teaching full time and the time I truly want to spend with my daughter and husband. The next few months things may take a shift..... Until then, I am enjoying being off on mat leave until the new year :)

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Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my goodness. I love planning too! Well, not the actual lesson plan that has to be turned in weekly stuff, but planning new activities and ways to engage my students in learning.


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