Teacher Week: Classroom Tour

Hello all! Ok I am on a roll with this Teacher Week! Woot woot!!

Today's post is all about my classroom

To begin and to make a long story short, I am entering my 9th year of teaching.... as permanent, full time teacher.... But I get laid off every year :( With that being said, as of now I do not know what grade or what school I will be teaching at when I return from Maternity Leave in February. 

So I can't show you this years room..... But I can show you a little bit of my past classrooms.

These are a hodge-podge of pictures from various years, but I have written a little description underneath to explain.

This is a picture of my 1/2 classroom. I try to choose 3 colours and then stick with them throughout my room, every year. I find that it's less distracting for me... and the students. From left to right-- the white board is my agenda. The board in the center with the little superheroes was my job board. The red "reading nook" corner was where I posted reading strategies etc. as they were taught. The black board was my star student board. 

Closer look at Star Student Board 
(empty.... waiting on the star to fill it).
This is a picture of my star student's board :) 
You can grab this pack HERE.

I love using lamps in my room. Sometimes when the students come in from recess, I turn on just the lamps, have the kids read and relax..... preparing for our next subject. 

I also use picture frames throughout my room. I often place current pictures of my students in them and change them up frequently. The kiddos get sooooo excited when they see pics of them!

My door LOL. Teachers before me used truck loads of tape and it was all knicked up..... so I did this. Ugh! Not fun to do, but the door would have driven me nuts.

Here's one example of my "brag boards". The students work is placed under their picture. The kids really take pride in their work. Other students in the school can find specific students' work and parents love looking for their kiddo and what they're up to. 
Note- I NEVER place marks on the front of the work that is displayed!

I always have a math board or corner. I change up anchor charts and manipulatives often. The kids always know where to look if they need anything math related. 

I used this little clip chart for dismissal. It really helps occasional teachers that are in for the day. If the kids are getting picked up instead of taking the bus, they move their clip. It's also a good visual for me at the end of day to remind certain students that they are getting picked up etc. I also pin parents notes about pick up next to this chart. You can pick them up HERE.

I use napkin holders from the Dollarstore to display books. I change these up regularly. I take out many books from my local library. These are "special books" that cannot be put into independent reading bins :)

High bulletin boards.... my nemesis. However, I hate pre-made posters, so I either leave these blank or put students art work up that can be seen from afar.

In my upper grade classrooms, I love to use framed quotes. This year I used THESE. I love em'! 

I also love to add plants to my classroom to make it feel more like "home". I also label, label, label.... even in older grades. I hate when kids ask "where do I put this?" Ugh.

Book bins labels in my upper grade classroom. I use similar ones for my primary/junior classrooms, as well. 

The white boxes are independent boxes (from Ikea). I also bought coloured version for my primary kiddos at Dollarama. I use them in ALL grades. They are used for reading boxes and test taking dividers (instead of moving desks). If I have a specfic reading for my kids to do, I place it in their box instead of walking from desk to desk. 

Word walls. I use them and change them up OFTEN. I use them in all grades. Here is a pack I have used and changed up a bit for upper grade students.

Kids work displayed and changed up often. Making the room feel like it is THEIRS. 

I used frames this year (without the glass) to display learning goals. 

I keep extra supplies in bins with labels. Easy for any teacher coming to cover me. 

So that's a peak at a few snapshots of my classrooms. 

I can't wait to check out other rooms HERE :)

Happy Wednesday!