Teacher Week: Favourite Subject

Today is the last day of Teacher Week 2015! During my little babes naps this week I've learned a ton of ideas, tips and tricks from hundreds of teachers! Woooooooo!

Today's blog is all about my favourite subject to teach.

When I think about it LITERACY is by far my favourite. However, when I was growing up, I hated math. Mostly because of the way it was taught to me. It paper pencil, paper pencil.... and when you asked "why" the answer was always "because". I hated that. Which is maybe why deep down I went into teaching. So that kids could ask questions, get answers and have fun. And that even their most hated subject had the potential of becoming their favourite. 

So I am going to say Literacy, but my favourite challenge is to teach math.... and teach it well.

I have included a slew of pictures below. My goal is to try to make it "practical" to their lives (as much as possible). I try to teach to avoid the question "when would we need to use this?" Hahaha.

I try to use math in relation to what's going on around us. For example, during the Olympics, I used a lot of data and results in my lessons.

I try to find things that the students are interested in and let it guide my lessons.

I try to use small group problems with challenging questions --creating a little competition. Always good!

I try to incorporate games. They don't even feel like they are working on math if they are playing a game, most times. 

Creating interactive notebooks has made studying for tests and reviewing material A LOT easier!

Hands on! I try to have the kids lead my lessons and participate often (getting out of their seat to do so).

I do use food sometimes. I am sorry, but kids remember when things when there's food involved! 

However you teach it.... Make it fun..... Make it memorable..... and remember not to ever answer your students questions with "because that's how you do it!"

Happy Friday!

Best wishes to those who start back on Tuesday! :)