Thoughts About Teaching Upper Grades and Some New Packs

For quite a few years I taught primary. Which I loved. I loved getting the kids early on and helping them love school even more. I loved teaching them the basics--- how to get organized and how to demonstrate responsibility ... setting the groundwork. 

A few years ago I was offered an intermediate class (7/8 combined). I wanted to cry. Older kids? Ewww! Attitudes and hormones and drama. No thank you! I didn't know the curriculum and it just wasn't my niche. 

Until I took the position.

Best decision ever. I loved intermediate. I loved instilling the same things I thought you could only teach in primary. Yes, they were a little more stubborn and had some habits that needed refining, but all in all..... it was the SAME haha. My goal though was to continue to make the tougher curriculum fun. To bring back a little primary nostalgia (Big kids like all that stuff too). 

If you have been in the junior or primary or senior classroom for a while, I encourage you to try a new division. You really begin to appreciate every grade and where the students are going or coming from.

With that being said, making "Upper Grade" resources this year has been my goal. Things I use in my classroom that I can share with others. 

Here are a few new ones......

Terry Fox: Activities for Upper Grades

Here's what's inside the pack...

Book Summary Sampling Party
The Summary Sampling Party is a Coffee House for kids. Students read, summarize and then share their summaries in their "Classroom Coffee House".

This pack includes:
*How to run a Summary Sampling Party/Coffee House
*Anchor chart on how to write a summary
*Fiction Summary Checklist
*Fiction Summary Checklist -mini-version for students
*Non-Fiction Summary Checklist
*Non-Fiction Checklist -mini-version for students
*What to include on the "day of" your summary party
*Success Criteria & Learning Goal Printables to display
*Peer Feedback Summary Sheets (Sampling Cards)
*Pictures from my Summary Sampling Party/Coffee House

Social Studies: Canada's Interactions with Global Communities
“Canada’s Interactions with Global Communities” package is specifically linked to the 2013 Ontario Social Studies Revised Curriculum. It is a great pack to use if you are teaching a straight or combined class. 

What’s inside this pack?

•All activities have learning goal(s) attached (curriculum & cross-curricular expectations)
•International Accords and Organizations ‘Cheat Sheet’ activity.
•International Accords and Organizations – various cards/notes for students notebooks 
•Word Study Activity
•International Accords and Organizations Quiz for Students/ Assessment for Teacher
•Poster Design Assignment with Marking Rubric for Teacher
•Read and Respond Short Answer Cards (Written in EQAO-type format) – issues Canada has had to deal with (Social, Environmental etc.).
•Perspective Writing Activity – Child Labour (Letter or Poem)- with Marking Rubric for Teacher
•Natural Disaster Presentation Expectations and layout
•Teacher/ Student Conference Sheet
•Marking Checklist
•Canadian Groups and Organizations Assignment
•How to make a “Who Are We?” booklet—step by step with pictures
•Marking Checklist for Teacher
•Class debate ideas (Canada’s interactions with the world) with debate marking sheet
•Canada’s Relationships- with World Map and Activity
•Musical Recap- Final Assignment with marking sheet for teacher

Many assignments involve the use of technology.

Have a great week, everyone :)