Engaging Our Students

The other day I was walking with my daughter to get the mail, and I ran into my neighbour. He was out skateboarding and stopped to say hello. I proceeded to say hello and ask him how school was going. His response, "I hate it. I can't wait for June". I asked why. He said "it's so boring. We do the same thing everyday. I just want the year to be over". People, it's October!! He has 8 months until the year ends!! :(

Ugh! My teacher heart......

Now, many educators would chalk his attitude up as "being a teenager" or "being a boy". But in my eyes, somewhere down the line, one or more of his teachers began following a script. 

Something like:
* take out your textbooks
*turn to page such and such
*follow along
*here are the questions you are responsible for

And it's not just teachers of teenagers.....it's adults who teach various grades and levels. 

The question is, what are we doing in our classrooms that is making kids want to come back day after day? Does everyday feel the same? If we're teaching the same grade again, are we repeating lessons from the year prior because they were awesome, or just because we already have the materials and it takes little or no planning?

Comments about educators are always in/on the news or on blogs. 
Ugh teachers...."Wanting more money".....or...."in it for the summer vacations".... or...."glorified babysitters". It infuriates me. But then I have to think about why some people feel that way. Are kids in schools getting a good teacher 1/3 times or 1/5 times? Is every teacher giving 100%? Are we keeping our students engaged?

Or, are the kids we are teaching counting down the days until June?

Yes, we all have our days..... But there is no excuse. 
Teaching is a huge responsibility. 

So, how do we engage?
Within the next few weeks, I want to post different ideas help you kick the "mundane funk". 

No, I am not an expert. No I am not perfect. 

But I am tired of talking to kids who "hate school" and sad to hear parents who tell me their kids don't want to go. 

Times are-a-changing.... Are we?



  1. I agree Kaitlin....I hope his teacher reads your Blog, or ones like it to get inspired to make learning fun =)

    1. Me too. I felt so sad for him. What a long year :(
      Thanks, Er xo


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