Looking for Engaging Science Units?

I have received a few emails about Science Unit suggestions and favourites.

There is definitely a lack of quality science units/packs/ideas out there. We seem to focus a lot on Language (speaking to some teachers, many say that teaching Language is their strength). When we neglect Science, we neglect a large chunk of our students who would rather eat dirt than read and write. Many are students who love and benefit from hands on activities. Science is that outlet!

Here are a few I have used. Christine and I also created a few, as we couldn't find anything to purchase and needed some Canadian (Ontario Curriculum) content. If you come across any fabulous science resources, please feel free to comment below :)

I am in the process of creating some upper grade science units, as I am not a fan of the generic worksheet books from teacher stores.
Upper grade science is lacking out there.....

These below, are geared more for primary/junior. Click on the cover page of the unit/pack for more details.